Odoo 1+ Exp Interview Questions

Hi All,

This post for developers who are looking for odoo developer position in companies all over india.

Even though we are doing more projects in odoo at interview time we will forget what we should highlight… I missed many interviews like this.. :P.. (They asked about odoo technically I started saying Odoo was invented by Fabien.. 😛 .. The ans is right but the question was technical one.)

So hereafter I will update all the ques I have faced and ques I have asked in interviews.



  1. Tell About Odoo..?
  2. Tell about openerp-framework..?
  3. Diff b/w v7 and v8..?
  4. Projects Done by you..?
  5. Tell about odoo warehouse management..?
  6. Tell about odoo Accounting system..?
  7. One2many and many2many fields and its uses..?
  8. How can you change a attribute of field using inheritance..?
  9. How can you change UI of Odoo..?
  10. ORM methods and its uses..?
  11. How will you check whether the recordset is singleton..?
  12. How will you write a computed Fields in v8..?
  13. How will you write a onchange field in v8..?
  14. What are ways to give default value to field..?
  15. What are the ways to give constraint to field..?
  16. Tell about domains and default operation b/w each criteria..?
  17. Tell about levels of security in odoo.?
  18. Tell about webcontrollers and its uses..?
  19. How will you create a qweb report..?
  20. How will you loop in qweb reports..?
  21. How will you set attribute of a element in qweb report..?
  22. Readonly fields will not be stored in db, so what will you do here..?
  23. Std price and Average price in product view..?
  24. Main Elements of MRP..?
  25. Concept of drop shipping in odoo..?
  26. Concept of landing cost in odoo..?

All the answers are in odoo Documentation refer.. https://www.odoo.com/documentation/8.0/index.html

All the best.,


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Odoo Developer,



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