Odoo MultiCompany Configuration

Hi All,

Odoo-8 has Multicompany configuration, It is simple to use and handle. Now let us see about it.

To get multicompany options First go to Settings–>General Settings , in that check on the Manage multiple companies option. Check below multi

Now you set the Multicompany. Dont get panic that no difference in Screen.. but you should have one admin to handle multicompany so that he can view Company hierarchy,etc.

Now next step give one user Multicompany rights(probably admin)… By going to        Settings–>Users       in that go to admin and check on the Multi Companies .. as below


Now Everything is set.. now you can view company hierarchy, Allowed companies, etc…

Work Arounding:

As a sample I will create some companies and work around it.

I have created 3 companies with one company as parent company..

Parent company– Rabel CO

3 child named rabel 1 , rabel 2 , rabel 3

So company hierarchy is as follows…


Create users and give Access rights to them to particular company as below…


Now anand can see only the data or record of “rebel 1” only. You can restrict users by giving values to allowed companies.


According to security Rule you may see parent company details like customers,etc, also Security Rules define what data who should see…

Major diff is.. If a user is Multicompany user then he will see Company (Drop down box)… If a user is not Multicompany user he will not see Company (Drop down box)…

Allowed companies will filter the record of other child companies…..

Thats It,..


Thank you all.,, 🙂 🙂

– Anand

Odoo Developer,


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