Python Technology

Hi All, Nowadays python has become most essential technology for all open source development. Python has become core language for all domains. Some of the following are main cases where we use it, Anki, a spaced repetition flashcard program Bazaar, a free distributed revision control system BitTorrent, original client, along with several derivatives Blender 3D … More Python Technology

Odoo POS Pop Ups

In odoo retailers will be mostly concentrating on POS because that minimizes their effort to more extreme,…. Now on developer side it is tough work to customize that pos.. since it is collaboration of js, jquery with python…  Some times head ache.. 😛 🙂 .. No problem now we will see how to create a … More Odoo POS Pop Ups

Hello Readers!

Hi guys, Myself Anand from Chennai. I am working in Mitosis Technology as a odoo developer. I created a blog to give awareness to all who are looking for open source ERP also for those who are looking for odoo. Also I will give some ideas on how to customize it. Some questions may arise … More Hello Readers!